Demo Game

A game about witch trials and falling in love
An otome game/visual novel with three and possibly more routes who all have their own secrets.
Will you be the next matriarch?
A fantasy circus VN with BL, GL, and het romance options. Come one, come all!
A fantasy adventure, mystery, drama & romance otome visual novel (GxB) with strong Indonesian flavour. (Not a sequel!)
A dark retelling of a forgotten fairytale in a visual novel form
A psychological otome visual novel told from two sides as two countries near the brink of war.
They did say that nightingales will bring about change.
A visual novel about life, love, and other complications...
an Asian mythology-themed otome game
A visual novel about a girl who wishes to escape her fate and those who follow closely behind her. (GxB, GxG)
The Interactive Dark Fantasy Visual Novel
A mature otome game set in a modern yet supernatural world.
A fully animated visual novel, its story that of romance and drama set in the Eighties

not tested yet

An unconventional dress up game about conventional parents
The story of Lee finally escaping beyond his family's wheatfield...
We don't all drown in the sea
A coming of age visual novel about growing up as a queer furry on the 90s Internet
Illustrated twine about reading
A My Little Pony visual novel about Fluttershy on her first date with Pinkie Pie.
Mermaids! Passions! 23 endings!! Help CiCi follow her dreams~
A short and sweet visual novel following two high school students who fall in love.
The slow disintegration of a relationship over seven years.
A visual novel about a cute(?) catgirl.
Long fantasy otome VN about dating cute guys, plus monster girls.
A young girl goes on a journey with her friend to find a porn actress.
A child lost her dreams and a man drowing in the dreams.
A fantasy otome visual novel with a strong flavour of Indonesia culture & romance (GxB)
When a VR console feels more "real" than reality itself, Lilya must confront her beliefs about the nature of existence.